About our company
Nataly Tumanova. Founder of Architectural Studio Northstar. Architect. Interior designer
Experience in the architecture and interior design market for 11 years.

Architectural Studio Northstar opened in 2010. During this time, I managed to create a single, cohesive team, which sincerely believes that it makes the world better and more beautiful, who loves what they do.

Each team member has a professional education, which is a confirmation of the quality of our work. Quality is transmitted at all stages of customer relationships.

Together we achieve results, implement global projects.
Experience in the architecture and interior design market for 11 years.
During this time we have implemented:
▪️more than 700 projects of architecture and interior design;

▪️Expanded our geography to 5 countries of the world.

▪We have created projects for the leaders of the business world such as Gazprom, Mercedes, Domodedovo Airport. And as well as for the cinema stars.

▪We have expanded both by the number of employees and by partnerships around the world.

▪️Among our largest projects are: a cottage of 1500 sq. m, an A class office center of 4500 sq. m. A hotel SPA complex of 7000 sq. m.

▪️We have implemented tens of thousands of kilometers of interiors of offices, apartments, houses.
During this time, that is an interesting and creative one, I realized that business first of all means people!

Studio is a team that lives in it (sometimes literally :)) A team that is united, cohesive, friendly, that gives its soul to work, because sincerely believes that a team is making the world a better one and more beautiful. And just because a team loves its job.

I have been forming a team for years, and now I can now absolutely trust it.

And I can say with confidence that now I have a dream team.
This is confirmed by the results that we achieve together, those cool world-scale projects that we are implementing!
We feel comfortable together, and not only at work, but just while talking and discussing something over a cup of tea.

We really always work for the result, we try to give even more than is expected of us, because it is very important to justify the trust of customers, and more often even exceed their expectations, and we are able to do it!

Our Customers are very important to us, we sincerely respect and appreciate them.

Every customer for me is not just a client, it's an ocean, it's a person! With its own characteristics, preferences, the atmosphere of life, mood, aspirations... it
is this atmosphere that we transmit into the interior and architecture, creating a very individual space for it.
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We want to make friends with our clients, so we are happy to answer your questions.

Phone: +47 619 95 660

Email: post@north-star.no

Org.nr: 827 693 642

We are located in Oslo, Norway.