This is a project of the office interior of a large company Gazpromneft.
This project is located in a historical mansion of the XVIII century, which is located in the cultural center of Russia in St. Petersburg.

The customer's task is the following: to renovate the building, develop a new layout and concept of space, design the interior in order to place several teams of specialists of the company on the 4 floors of the building.

The main requirements for the design and technical task were:

1. Design the space according to modern standards of designing ergonomics of office spaces.

2. Create an energy-efficient space where there will be a minimum amount of electricity consumption, but at the same time with maximum efficiency of use.

3. Biodynamic lighting, which we used to equip all spaces with lighting devices.

4. Modular furniture system.
In many ways we did not only order modular furniture systems, but also developed some of them independently by ourselves. Local manufacturers produced furniture under our guidance and author's supervision.
The task of the furniture groups was to have modules and the ability to transform common work areas: combining for conferences and group work and separating into separate workplaces.

5. Environmental friendliness. In the design and decoration of the premises we used materials that meet the maximum environmental friendliness and have been certified according to fire safety standards for public premises.
Both finishing materials and textiles have a high degree of wear resistance, so that the interior can please its visitors and employees for a very long time.

My team of specialists and I coped with the task set by the Customer. 

We have got a very author's, design project, but at the same time very effective for a company that employs many hundreds of employees.

Our design project is not similar to classic and standard office spaces, so that the presence of employees in the office has more comfort and attractiveness, we have created a unique, bright, modern space with a creative atmosphere.
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