Designing the exterior and interior of the house in the Moscow region
Client’s tasks: Development of the concept of exterior renovation of the facades of the house for a particular style, the creation of planning decisions of the house and interior space with decoration, advising on landscaping the surrounding area.
My responsibilities: I executed the project on a turnkey basis: from landscape design to interior decorating. I developed the concept of the exterior, selected the coloristic of materials, created the composition of the facades and the entrance group. The interior design project included the layout and 3D sketches, documentation drawings; selection of materials, furniture, and lighting, decorating. I supervised all stages of the project.
Result: I managed to change the exterior perception of the house through coloristic solutions and new finishing materials. The style is minimalism with touches of eco-architecture and Scandinavian design and mid-century. The project is in cool shades, because of the warm natural atmosphere around. A fireplace was integrated into the interior, windows were changed, so insolation was added. Comfortable space for children appeared. In the basement, there is a SPA- zone, boiler room, and communications.
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