I am delighted to present a private home in a modern hi-tech style. The metric area is 600 sqm.

The house is located in the mountains, designed by us on a difficult mountain slope, so it has a cascading structure, repeating the natural terrain.

It’s a four-floor house with several terraces located on different levels. The first terrace is above the garage, the second one has a patio and an open outdoor pool, and another one includes a chill zone and a seaside view.

On the ground floor, there is a panoramic elevator that goes to every floor in the house. The fence is made of triplex glass. The facade finishing consists of stucco, travertine, and planken. 
In the photo we can see a panoramic elevator that rises from the ground floor with a garage, passes through the closed first floor, then from the second floor it rises to the third floor, where there is a panorama, so that we can observe the view of the sea and open terraces. The floor covering is tile. 

As a continuation of the house project, we developed greening of the terraces to maintain a dialogue with the environment.

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