I present to you the interior of Nevsky, 70 restaurant created by me workshop. The restaurant is situated on the Nevsky avenue in Saint Petersburg. 

The building has a rich history that begins in the 19th century. The mansion was built for merchant A.Shemyakin, and later was purchased and rebuilt by colonel I.O.Sukhozanet. The house interiors were created by Visconti and later by Shustov. After the death of Sukhozanet the house was inherited by his son, who was an avid card player and mortgaged the house to pay off debts. At present this is a House of journalist. 

The special thing was the creation of an integrated project ‘Restaurant-House of journalist’ with the atmosphere of the huge history of the building itself.

We offered to keep the atmosphere of the mansion, not to violate the architectural style of the House of journalist, but to create a ballroom inside that is suitable for holding ceremonies. 

Customer’s task:
▪️special number of seats
▪️ Zoning of the space into a bar area, a casual zone and a VIP zone, which would be closed from a simple visitor

Also we had to consider the data of the mansion itself:
✔️House of journalist is situated here
✔️Rich, huge history
✔️Architecture that we respectfully want to keep
✔️Style of rooms that were used to be residential for high-ranked people

We have made three halls that are connected to each other by logistics. 
We have made three halls that are connected to each other by logistics.

The first hall welcomes guests, it’s a bar.

After a short walk you can sit down for a business, family or friendly dinner in a more cozy area, where there is less movement and noise. A chic white hall with the atmosphere of merchant luxury faces Nevsky avenue. In this hall you can find a vintage chandelier, a fireplace, paintings on the walls, reproductions of paintings, antique decor details. The most noble colours were taken as base colours: a combination of blue, beige and brown shades, bordeaux.

A big round table was purchased for VIP hall as a point of attraction in the center of the room.
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